Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Ink Pad/Marker Storage!

I have to say, I was estatic to get the new CTMH Ink Pad/Marker storage tower as part of my Hostess Rewards! OMG- I just love it! All my new style ink pads are in the front, with the neutral colors and the old style in the back:

I originally had this organized by color family, but I am too visual of a person, so it had to be "pleasing to the eye", so rainbow order it is! And the reinker tray is holding my blocks for now...

Now, who is going to come over and stamp with me?

Lots of love,


sally jo may said...

I love the stacker and hoping that Santa will bring me one for Christmas!

Sarah said...

I want to come stamp... I can be there in...12 hours!

Anonymous said...

ok....when? :)