Saturday, July 24, 2010

Animal Birthday Card

Long time, no post from me! There has been exciting news from our family over the past few months, which I will share in a few days... until then, I am going back through some of my pictures and realized I never posted this one. I made this for our dear friend's baby, Nicco, who just turned one! The colors and animal theme came straight from their invitations, so it really was a "custom Card":

I used the template "Always Right" from Originals, but modified it a bit. I love the Nursery Bash stamp (hehe, may be seeing more of this in the near future), and the sassy strands just add a little more fun to it! We had a great time at Nicco's party- happy birthday, little guy!


Terrie in AZ said...

Cute card...Love the theme! I haven't heard when the idea books will be here, but I'm sure they will be here when I get back from my trip back home. I return the
8th, so will call you then!

Jean M. said...

Oh, what a cute card. I love it:)