Thursday, January 29, 2009

Card Contest- Key to my Heart!

It's what you've been waiting for- the results of my first "Gathering in a Bag- CARD CONTEST"! Each person received the exact same materials- Colonial White cardstock as a base, a sheet of stamped images from the Key to my Heart promo stamp set, a few pieces of B&T paper from the set, a small piece of Tulip cardstock, 12" of Twill Ribbon, and three brads. What they did from there was simply their creation! Here are the fantastic results:

CARD 1- Outside:

CARD 1- Yes, that heart is "woven"- Inside:

CARD 2- There is a pocket on the front to hold the key- Outside:

Card 2- Inside:

Card 3- Outside:

Card 3- I think this is for her Hubby- how sweet- Inside:

Card 4- Designed to look like a purse- Outside:
Card 4- Same key, just double-sided- Inside:

Card 5- Yes, the Key fits into the Keyhole- Outside:
Card 5- Another view of the key- this is how the card secures closed- Outside:
Card 5- Inside:

These cards will be posted on the Close to my Heart Consultant Bulletin Board for voting. The winner will receive a free CTMH Paper packet of their choice! If you are not a consultant, you can still leave a comment here- I KNOW the artists who created these will see it!

Happy Creating to you!



Sarah & Vincent said...

I like them all! Its pretty cool that there were so many ideas from the same items. Is one of these done by you? One looks very "Erin-ish" to me!

AaronB said...

I too, like them all. What a fun idea!

Pammie said...

Erin - you are a great inspiration! Thanks for bringing such fun to your stamping buddies :)